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Motec M1 Ecu with Motec CAN Keypads

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi all, I am need of some advice on how to connect a Motec 8 Can Keypad to a Motec M1 ecu. As I understand the keypads are commonly setup with a PDM.

I tried going thru Motec website and forums but couldnt find a clear instruction on how to achieve this. As I understand I will need to use the motec PDM software to setup the keypad and then configure the keypad in M1 ecu.

From what I gather, I need to connect the M1 ecu to the keypad via CAN network on its own. M1 ecu acts as a gateway, and the keypad is configured via the PDM software to fit the purposes of the Driver switch in the M1.

I would like to use the keypad to enable GPR functions such as launch control, anti lag, etc.

Can someone shed some light or share any documents for me to understand the necessary steps.

Thank you.

Do you have a MoTeC PDM, or just the Keypad? What firmware (package) are you using in your MoTeC M1? The MoTeC PDM sends the necessary initialization to the Keypad, and provides the interface to the buttons and LEDs. If you have a PDM then it's straightforward to set that up.

If you don't have a PDM, then I think direct support for Keypads has been added to some firmware packages (none of mine have it, but it is possible).

So, what have you got?

For example, here is a video from John Reed Racing showing how their M1 Partner Packages have support for the keypads.


Hi David, thanks for the advice and youtube link. I understand the issue now. I only have a stock GPR M150 July 2019 firmware package (01.11.0041) which does not support the keypad on its own. For this build, we only have the M150, c127 display but without a PDM. I wont be able to use the CAN keypad unless I get a custom firmware ( like from JRR) to enable this or install a PDM to the build.

Thanks for clarifying this for me. Cheers mate.

Hey Edmund,

GPR has supported the can keypad for a number of revisions now. There is a worksheet in the vehicle workbook (from memory, I don't have my laptop with me) for 8 and 15 button keypads. You can even set it to master or slave if the keypad is shared by other devices

Otherwise we have keypad templates for using the dash to control the keypad. The only thing that is a bit of work with this is the bit combine for the keypad buttons.

For setting up they keypad, the help in M1 tune should cover everything you need to know. Buttons can be set to momentary, toggling, or two buttons can be paired together to toggle up and down positions for a multi position switch.

If you need further help, I will be back in the office on Tuesday.

Hi Nathan, Thanks for clarifying this for me. I will go thru the M1 tune help files and recheck my wiring. The firmware im using does have the 'keypad' worksheet in the vehicle workbook.

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