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Motec M1 Sequential Shift with Strainsensor on Lever

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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can someone please explain the strategy to set Threshold (NM) on lever for up/ and down/shifts, and what exactly does the hysteresis do or refer to?

Example - the lever at rest 2.35V , scale 100Nm / 1Volt:

Threshold Up/ down = max voltage( example: 4.8V max aprox.: 250Nm/ when pull, 0.5V min when push, aprox.: -180Nm) if you pull on lever to max/min or arbitrary value between Voltage at rest and max voltage in that direction, lets say 80nm pull, -40push ( how to calculate or measure this value? ?) . believe is barrel windup in that direction / and then using q makes sense

and the hysteresis is a Threshold to allow shift up or down, or is hysteresis at arbitrary value( example) upshift 80nm with hysteresis 5nm = upshift if sensor is between 75 and 85nm?, or hysteresis 30nm meaning shift up allowed when sensor is above 35nm and requested when above 80nm?

thank you


I would suggest logging some data of actual shifts (use throttle lift for upshifts, clutch in for downshifts). Log the gear position voltage, and see when the position sensor actually starts to move. Set your threshold just slightly above / below these values (you want to actually be requesting a shift when the torque reduction happens).

The hysteresis is the how much below the threshold you have to go before it resets to "idle" for another shift request in the same direction.

got it, thanks !!

was what i actually did, i could see sharp voltage increase at some point and used it as threshold

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