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Motec M122 Pulsing injectors

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi there guys, so we have quite a strange problem here, as soon as we power on the ecu& car the ecu starts to pulse the injectors at a very high frequency. Note that the engine is not running. We have checked the wiring loom more than once, pin outs is good, 0v, 5v, 12v and grounds are good.

We are still busy setting up the ecu and the car has not started.

The ecu is fitted to an Alfa Mito, running a 1.4 turbo. Nothing fancy 4 coils, 4 injectors(port). Boost control,tmap, crank and cam sensor.

All the electrical components are new bosch items, coils, injectors( linearized) Tmap, boost

Please have a look at the video. The ecu heats up during this time, which is rather concerning.



Have you loaded a package into the ECU? It may have some factory diagnostics or something.

If you do have a package loaded, use the all calibrate and search for "test", make sure that all tests are disabled. An enabled injector test would test injectors at whatever the Test RPM was set to. You never want to save/disconnect from the ECU with any of the test modes enabled.

It looks like you might be doing an ignition test, since that's a spark plug you show in the video, not an injector.

Another thing that could be wrong -- if the bosch coils are smart enough to fire if they are dwelled too long, and you have the output sense inverted, they they could constantly fire / charge, while they should be off. Check your data sheets and ECU Ignition configuration for proper firing edge.

Hi Dave, i meant coils, thank you very much for the feed back, will check it now and report back


Hi there so i checked if there is any tests active but they are all disabled.

I have downloaded the bosh data sheet for the coil that we use.

The current setting on the package is set to falling edge.

How would i go about to check if the coils ase dwelled too long?

They would be dwelled too long if the signal was inverted. Why don't you try Rising Edge as a quick test?

I looked at a couple of Bosch data sheets and they just Ignition Signal, with no indication of polarity. External Bosch Ignitors I have used use Falling Edge, but there are plenty of COPs that have this inverted. Unplug all but one coil, and give it a quick try. If you only do it for a few seconds and can't be any worse that what you have happening now.

What is the part number of the coils you are using?

Could you provide a log ? Is the ECU seing RPM when pulsing the coils ? Did you work with your dealer for this problem ?

Do the coils need external igniters? Some OEM ECU's have internal IGBT's to drive "dumb" coils so if an ECU without these is used then you can have a similar situation occurring.

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