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Motec M800

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hey guys.I have to work on a Motec m800.Will that course for M1 help me understand functions and parameters of m800 as well??

Quick answer is No, the functionality in the Hundred series ECU's (M84, M400, M600, M800 and M880), and the way that the devices are configured are very different.

The M1 series of ECU's are very different in operation to the Hundreds series ECU's, I much prefer them over the Hundreds to work on now, but I go back to doing work on a Hundred series and get frustrated as most of the functionality that you get used to having available in the M1' is just not there in an Hundred series ECU.

You will find more gain out of doing the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course to give you a general overview of tuning that is for the most part hardware agnostic, and then also watch the MoTeC Webinars on the MoTeC website for more detailed Hundred series knowledge.

There is also a series of seminar notes available for downloading from the MoTeC website.

Thanks a lot BlackRex for the info.I am studying EFI Fundamentals,I have finished Motec webinars and notes.I think I have to try more things and not afraid of them

Hi Vasilis,

I've used Motec's hundred series ECUs for many years so if you have questions, just start a thread and I'm happy to help :)


Would you say that the full potential of the M1 platform can only been seen using M1 Build? I haven't started working on the M1 yet, however, the general end user feedback I've observed (not dealer oriented of course) indicates that the generic GPA and GPR packages can be exhausted. And in the same breath I might add that the Hundred Series boxes are still being viewed as viable options where there are specific needs.

Having said this I am looking forward to my upcoming work exposure with the M1 platform and to add to that I am quite enthusiastic and equally optimistic to follow up with my M1 Build training after I complete the available M1 Tune.


For most users, the M1 will be more than enough to run their vehicle to it's full potential, it is only when people are trying to do things like install a Ferrari V12 into a vehicle that didn't have one as standard and want to have individual Lambda on each cylinder for free that they believe that they have reached the limits of the hardware. Where a lot of people fall into a trap with the M1 is that they still think of it as an Mx00, and believe that because they can't manipulate axis and the like in the same way as an Mx00 then they M1 is a limiting factor. However, there are other ECU's on the market that also have the same limits on how you can change the axis, and this isn't considered an issue, as that brand has never had that function.

They are different to setup, and they need a different mindset when it comes to how they operate in comparison to the old Mx00 mS tuning method, but once you understand this, you will see that the GP firmware is very powerful, and has a lot of functionality and flexibility, that does not need a build licence to get the most out of.

Hey Damien, I don't believe that M1 Build is necessary to see utilise an M1 ECU and the reality is that probably 99% of M1 users will never get involved with Build. The M1 ECU alone is a sophisticated an powerful product and in GPA, GPR or a platform specific package configuration it will do more than most users are ever going to need.

The true power of the M1 platform perhaps can be harnessed via Build and that's great for a developer or someone looking to produce a specific package for resale. It's certainly not necessary or essential in order to use the product and I don't believe that this is how Motec expect it to be used.

Coming from familiarity with the Mx00 family, M1 can feel a little restricted as Stephen has indicated because often axis can't be adjusted or changed as they could be in the Mx00. As with any new product it takes time to build familiarity and learn how to approach the tuning and what can or can't be achieved. I can only assume that some of the features that are currently in hot demand from M1 users (like flex fuel for instance) will in time be developed and filter down to the GPA, GPR and platform specific packages.

Thanks Andre, your perspective has brought much clarity to my insight and over view of the M1 platform.

Always learning is the way to go aye!

Can we expect to see worked examples as was the case with some of the other courses? Thanks.

More worked examples are on the way Damien! Our Launch Control course has just been released to VIPs and includes a worked example on the M1 ECU. We will be adding more as soon as we can.

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