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Motec Mx00

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hey Andre,

Do you have any Motec Mx00 in the works? I would love to take this course. I was going to take the M1 course but it looks like the M1 and the M800 software are nothing a like according to one of the threads under the M1 forums.


Hi Justnii,

As you have said, the Mx00 and M1 tune software are completely different, with the data from one not being readily interchangeable with the other.

What are you interested in learning about with the Mx00? There are a number of webinars on the MoTeC website that cover most aspects of the Mx00 systems, they can be found here; http://motec.com.au/webinars/webinararchive/ there are also course notes available to download from the seminars that were held for the Mx00 ECU's. These can be found here; http://motec.com.au/downloads/downloadseminars/

Thanks BlackRex!

At this point we don't have any plans to release an Mx00 course however we hope to add some worked examples on the platform to our existing course material (road tuning/dyno tuning).

You definitely won't benefit from taking the M1 course and the webinars BlackRex has suggested are a good resource. If you have other questions then post them on the forum and I or BlackRex will be able to help you.

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