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need help calibrating omni 4 bar map sensor for gt86 in motec m1 tune

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i know its in (initial setup) all calibrate>inlet>manifold but not sure how to put in the numbers

First, do you have any documentation on the Omni 4 bar map sensor? You will need to know what voltage it produces for a given pressure.

yes here it is

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In M1 Tune, use Initial Setup->Sensors Critical, select the table for "Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor Calibration".

Click in the table, and right click then choose "Setup Axis..."

Click the Clear Table button, then enter these two values 0 and 4.8. Click OK.

Now in the table, under the 0V entry, enter 3.5 kPa; and under the 4.8 enter 400 kPA. I got the 3.5, by using the equation provided in the graph "y=11.97x+0.506", that means that 0V will have 0.506 psi (or 3.49, rounded to 3.5 kPa). The 400 kPA comes directly from the table shown above the graph.

That should get you going...

this is what i have and for thecalibration is only a drop down menu

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Inlet manifold pressure translation is used for the calibration, and where you can set the calibration as David said.

The copy of the Toyota 86 package I had was the original one, and used "Calibration" instead of "Translation". Exact same process, just use the Translation table.

appreciate the help thanks david and shane

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