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Nitrous activation

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I have an additional question regarding Nitrous activate and reset parameters in general, just to be sure I understand that right.

The activate parameters are clear to me, but as far as I understand, the reset parameters have to be met so the nitrous can be activated by the activate parameters again like if I set activate throttle position to 50 percent and reset to 48, throttle has to drop below or at 48 percent that the nitrous can be activated again at 50 percent throttle Especially the engine speed limit parameters are important to me. For example if my main limiter is set to 7500 and I set the nitrous engine speed limit margin at the activate parameters to 500 and the engine speed limit margin at the reset parameters to 700, nitrous is deactivated at 7000 and rpm has to drop to 6800 to be reactivated.

The time and delay at the stage settings are both set to zero.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Christian,

I have answered this question for you already on the MoTeC Forum, but the activate parameters enable the nitrous, provided all activate parameters are met, and the reset parameters deactivate the nitrous if any of the set resets are met.

A further thing to keep in mind is that the nitrous will continue to operate until the time limit has expired, or a reset condition is enabled.

So with your throttle parameters, if the throttle is reduced to 48% the nitrous will be deactivated. Nitrous will activate at 50% throttle, provided no reset conditions are active, and all activate conditions are active.

You have you engine speed limit margins around backwards. You need the activate margin to be 700 and the reset to be 500. That way the nitrous will turn off at 7000rpm, and will not reactivate until the engine speed is 6800rpm or below.

Time limits can be handy to use depending on what the vehicle is being used for. The nitrous time resets every time a reset is active so the time just prevents a single nitrous activate from continuing for longer than the time limit.

Hi Nathan!

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation since now I think I understand the concept how the Motec M1 is setting up the nitrous which differs to the Ecus I dealed with before.

So when the activation parameters are met, nitrous is active even if the parameters are dropping out of the activation parameters again like if I set active throttle position to 50% and no throttle reset position is set, nitrous would be active at 50% throttle or above and still would be active if you drop below 50% correct? In this fictional case I assume that no other active or reset parameter are set.

Regarding the nitrous activation engine speed margin, what does this actually set? Is it the engine speed the nitrous can be reactivated once the engine speed limiter was hit? This would make the most sense to me after your explanation since it is the nitrous reset engine speed margin that stops the nitrous but please correct me if I am wrong.

Not conversant with the specifics there, but it reads like you have two "trigger"positions, one to turn on, one to turn off - without the latter it will stay on even if the throttle position drops below the "on" state, once it's activated.

It's normal practice for anything operated like that (cooling fans are the most common) to have such "trigger" positions separated by a percentage, to avoid it constantly turning on and off when around that point - remember, it makes power, and so how much of a torque difference will depend on rpm - you could be looking at 100% more / 50% less, instantly, as it turns on and off, and depending on the specific application.

I'd suggest aiming rather higher, say 95% on and 90% off (higher and closer if you have reliable trigger points), so you aren't getting those sudden torque spikes when you may not want it, and will be primarily relying on the engine rather than the gas for torque. It will also save a LOT of gas.

You may be well advised to check with others regarding the rpm limiter, as one of the big issues with gas is the risk of a manifold backfire, or sneeze, which can literally blow if off the engine in extreme cases. I'd run two limiter points, one to shut off the gas a little below the other which would be fuel.

Yes, once the activate parameters are all me and the nitrous is active, it will remain active one those parameters are not longer active, and will continue to operate until a reset parameter is met, or the time limit has lapsed.

The Nitrous Activate engine speed margin is there to allow a hysteresis on the nitrous reactivating as the engine speed decreases, such as on a gear change on a manual car, or if an application such as offroad or watersports where the engine speed may vary a bit, it stops the system triggering on and off repeatedly.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. I tested the system last week and everything works fine. As suggested I set the activate throttle position parameter quite high wich worked well and I hardly need any nitrous.

Thanks a lot to all forum members who were willing to help me out with their knowledge.


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