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Pump output switched off Oil Temp - GPA M150

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I want to install a booster pump inline with my water-oil cooling system, but I haven't found an option that can be driven from oil temp in the GPA package.

I would like the pump to be switched (low side) based on oil temp, to give me a little extra cooling capacity as the oil can get to 120*C if I am in traffic for a few laps. Others with similar cars have done similar but usually they just have it as a switch on the dash they can use if the oil temp is getting hot, but I don't want to have to think about that... and I have an ecu that can control this for me.

The GPA package has options for differential and transmission pumps, driven off their respective sensors.

From the looks of it, I can assign the transmission temp sensor as the same input (analogue voltage input 6) as the oil temp input and it'll just use the oil temp sensor, then I can just define the pump parameters which will switch the pump on and off.

Has any one else done something similar? Or is there another way I could do this?

Hello this is pretty simple if the oil temp sender is already fitted then just assign a pump output to the aux that is spare and configure it to turn on at x oil temperature. as you stated above. and if there is not a temp sender in the oil now fit one and wire it into a analog voltage input and assign it to be oi temperature, I think you actually covered it all on your own there

Regards Ross

Ross -- The M1 GPA package does not have the flexible Aux Output of the "hundred series" ECUs. The axes of the Aux duty cycle tables are fixed. There are none that use Oil Temperature (most have Engine Speed, Vehicle Speed, and Throttle Position or Manifold Pressure). Now Aux 5 is a bit different. It allows an arbitrary input resource to be configured and used as an axis. But this would not be treated and logged in the software as "Oil Temperature", but as "Auxilary Output 5 Channel". BTW -- it's simple to fix this with M1 Build if you are doing custom firmware.

It was recommended on the MoTeC support forum to just use the diff or trans pump outputs since those don't interact with any other systems in the ECU. I think that approach is the best.

Yeah... I miss having a access to Build... I'll have a look at Auxiliary 5 though, that's a handy bit of information to know.

Thanks for the replies. I'll tell the ecu to look at the OT sensor for the trans or diff temp input and drive the pump that way.



This ended up needing a bit of a roundabout way to get it to work.

My original plan was to double up a resource (Analogue Temp 6 for example) so both the oil temp and the transmission temp would be using the same sensor and sensor pin. The GPA package wouldn't let me do this though :(

After venting some frustrations and some food, a mate and I discussed other solutions - Splice the sensor wire to another input, run another sensor, use an aux output and just have the pump switched on based on RPM etc etc.

In the end though, I sent the Oil Temp back to the ecu, using the dash and CAN. The transmission temp input is looking at the CAN output from the dash, and the pump control is based on that. The temp resolution is only to 1*C, but that's fine for the what I need. Not sure if this is because of how I have the CAN transmit set up, or other factors.

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