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Racegrade SSD3 configuration with M150?

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I am going to use the Racegrade SSD3 to PWM control my fans.

As I read the instructions I would use a Ignition/EFI B+ for the “Active High” input signal and then use an available LS output from the M150 to send a duty cycle signal to the “Active Low” input.

Has anyone configured one of these and can confirm?


While I haven't used the product myself, a quick look through the documentation you've linked to would suggest you're correct. I'd just be supplying a 12V switched input to the unit so that the Batt+ is at 12V any time the ECU is running (this seems a little redundant to me), and then you can use any output that is low side switching to PWM control the SSD.

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