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Security Check Failed - Unable to download L1 logs

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Hi all,

Whilst track side yesterday, we completed a session and i tried to download the logs from the M130 MoTeC ECU and it threw an error " Security check failed. Logged data cannot be processed"?

Has anyone got any clues as to why this happening and how to resolve the issue? I have a couple of weeks before our first big race and i need to get the engine dialed in.

I have attached a picture of the error, applogies for the quality, the sun was shining and i have a glossy screen so it doesn't make for a great picture.

Thanks in advance for the help.



PreZ Racing

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Have you ever been able to retrieve the logged data with this package? If so, and this is new, then I suggest you email, be sure to include at least information on the firmware package you are using.

Good Luck!

hi David,

Yes i have... this is a new issue... Thanks for the advice, will ping them an email now.