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sensor calbration

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im removing my aem v2 and a motec m130 is going into service and i would like to retain my aem 5 bar map sensor and my aem ait sensor. under my sensor calibration choice there are multiple options to choose from and i do not know which to choose.

for the ait sensor i found a corresponding gm part number that cross referenced a choice in the software.

as far as my map sensor i could not find any information on the aem 5 bar map other than it is a bosch style sensor. would anybody happen to know which bosch sensor this references? the custom option only gives me 2 sites on a 2d table so i entered the lowest pressure and the corresponding voltage and the highest pressure with the corresponding voltage according to the aem datasheet and then checked interpolate. i can not insert more sites as they are grayed out. is this ok to interpolate? is this the correct way to do this? thank you for any information and help.

Hi Luke,

I had a look at the calibration chart that AEM have for that sensor, and it is a linear sensor so you can use the hi and lo values for the sensor calibration in the Manual Translation table and, as long as AEM's calibration is correct, then it will be ok. One thing that I did notice is that AEM have the values labelled as an absolute value, when they use a negative number. This is not correct as absolute is measured from a hard vacuum and cannot have a negative value.

For the M1, the calibration that I would use is as follows.

0.5V = 0kPa

4.5V = 517kPa

Once you have done this, then you can do a sanity check on the Translation by having the ECU on but the engine not running, the sensor should be reading a value around 100~101kPa if you are near sea level, you can then validate this by checking the current barometric pressure and they should match to within 1~2kPa dependent on the distance from the measuring point.

This retains the base values in SI units, which is how the coding for the M1 has been done. If you want the displayed pressures to be in PSI, then you can change the displayed values in the Sensor Value channel.

Thanks blackrex. also i am using a stock ect from a toyota 2jzgte . i am looking for a cross reference part number to find the voltage reference chart but am having no luck would you be able to provide a chart or some info where i could find this info? thank you.

To be honest, with the NTC style sensors, there are not that many calibrations for them as they all use very similar internals. If you measure the resistance across the two terminals at around 20 degrees celcius, the value should be ~2500ohm. If this is the case, then one of the calibrations that are in M1 tune should match. Start with the Bosch 026 sensor, and measure the temp of the fluid that it is in, and compare it to the value read by the sensor (You will need to let it soak for a short while to make sure that the reading is stable) if these two values match, then use that calibration, if they don't, try one of the other sensor calibration and see if you get a matching temp. When you do, then change the temp of the fluid, and cross check the temp reading, if they match, then you have found the calibration.

If you do not want to do this, then you can get a number of the sensors that have calibrations in M1 Tune in a variety of body shapes and thread pitches, so you may be able to find a replacement screw in sensor as well.


thank you for your help its much appreciated. ill test the sensor.

The latest version of GPR and Tune have drop down menu's that have some sensors calibrations pre set. This should help you dramatically.

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