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Setting up wheel speed sensor 2004 Hayabusa

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi, And thank you in advance for your input.

While technically this isn't contained in the Motec M1 software tutorial it is the closest link that has relevant information.

I have a 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa that is supercharged. I have a Motec M130 with the PNP package. I am trying to use the stock speed sensor for input into ECU then CAN to a C127 Display.

- Trying to figure out how to configure the Rear Wheel Sensor in the M1 program.

- The stock setup contains a 4 Post speed rotor that sits on top of the Front chain sprocket. A Hall sensor is used to create the speed signal. This setup allows consistent wheel speed data no matter what gear you are in.

- looking at all the Inputs to the All Calibrate menu these are the ones I am unsure of how to setup given the way the stock speed sensor works:

1. Sensor Teeth

2. Sensor Period Sample teeth

3. Sensor Pin Debounce

- I do not understand how to configure all the Rear Wheel Speed Sensors variables to account for the 4 Post speed rotor, and the front 17 tooth sprocket to 40 tooth rear sprocket. The Front and Rear sprockets result in a Sprocket Reduction of 2.352.

-Does anybody know of the formula that the ECU uses to calculate speed using all the input variables?

Again, I realize that this is about the Tutorial but, I was hoping there would be people who have dealt with this issue in the forum.



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The sensor teeth is simply the number of teeth on the sensor - In your case 4. The sample teeth allows the reading from the sensor to be averaged. For example if you set this to 4 then the speed would be averaged over 4 sample teeth. Sensor debounce is used to filter the signal from the hall sensor. If the pulse the ECU receives is shorter than the debounce value then the pulse is ignored. You can use the 'capture inputs' feature to essentially scope the speed sensor input and then set the debounce to a value smaller than what you're actually registering.

There should also be a parameter available that let's you set the sprocket ratio (in a car package it's final drive ratio). This may be under the 'wheel speed - Rear' menu.

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