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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi All, Thank you for taking a look at this post!I just recently tried to connect my laptop with M1 Tune software to my 2004 Hayabusa with a MoTec M130 ECU and C127 Display.I started my computer and M1 tune with no problems. I use a USB to Ethernet connector and ethernet cord to attach to my ECU using MoTec's Ethernet connector. I have never had any connection problems with this set up. I turned on my ignition to my bike and the headlights turned on and my electric fuel began to prime. Normally, the fuel pump primes then shuts off. I can't remember if it is a time delay or fuel pressure that signals the shut off? The C127 display never turned on or even flickered to do its MoTec start up ceremony. The bike will engage the starter but, the engine will not start. Seems like no ignition spark. The M1 Tune program does not show any ECU. These problems happen whether I have the Laptop hooked up or not. My thoughts are that the ECU is not getting power or it is fried.My questions are:What is the logic of the interplay between the ECU and display? Does the ECU have to be powered for the Display to start-up?I am not sure what shuts off the fuel prime, Pressure or time?Is there any fuel system start-up logic for triggering ignition to begin?Supposing the electrical connections to the ECU are good, what could cause the ECU not to receive power?, are there some built in logic safeguards?Here is a link to the Vid showing the problems:[url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o6tUDg]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o6tUDg ... sp=sharingYour thoughts:Thank You for your time and thought with this!Jack

Hi please check all fuses going to the dash and ECU i would think it will be using the same 12volt feed to power up both units you may have to trace the wiring back to find them. if in doubt ask the installer where they are.

the ECU will need 12v for the laptop to detect it and the dash will need it to power up if you find it has a 12volt supply then you will need to find the grounds for both units ad test them

Regards Ross

Hi John,

Ross has pretty much covered it. The Dash powering up would be reliant on however the installer has wired it, not on the ECU. The only thing the dash will rely on from the ECU is the CAN data stream for displaying engine run data.

It sounds like your power supply to the ECU and dash is the issue, which will likely be a popped fuse, or a relay not switching.

You should see Power on the ECU A connector (the 34 pin connector) pin 26. Pins A10 and A11 should have continuity to ground. Check you have power on A26 and ground on A10 and A11 first, and if not, identify why your not getting power.

Likewise for the dash, 12V should be on pin 33 and ground on pin 34. As the dash is installed in the cowl, and likely on the same circuit, I would recommend diagnosing via the ECU connections.

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