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Strain gauge configuration

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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How would you set up a strain gauge without a gear position sensor? I understand the software can estimate which gear you are in. Also looking for some basic settings for a starting point if possible and a thorough explanation of the terminology and how the software works with m1 please. Thanks in advance.

Do you have a sequential gearbox, or are you attempting to use an H-pattern shifter? What firmware package are you running on the M1?

Do you have a wheelspeed sensor fitted to a driven wheel, or are you receiving wheelspeed info over the CAN bus?

To do this right, you need to have some basic information about your gearbox, including gear ratios for each gear, along with the final drive ratio. (if you have any intermediate ratio - drop gears, reduction gears, etc then you'll need those too).

First, look at the help for "Gear Estimate", this will detail what we are trying to setup.

With that info in hand, you can fill out the following channels:

Gear Minimum

Gear Maximum

Gear Ratio Table

Wheel Speed Rear Final Drive (or Wheel Speed Front Final Drive if that is your driven axle).

For your Strain Gage -- wire that to an AV or Udig input. Configure the Gear Lever Force Sensor Resource for the connection.

See the Gear Lever Force Sensor help for details on what is needed to calibrate your sensor. If you don't know the actual force you are calibrating with, I would just set the the Target to be 1000, and then pull or push the lever / sensor as hard as you can to calibrate the offset (the voltage value that will produce an output of "Target".

Now, with this configured, I would drive the car and log the following channels (I do it in the MoTeC dash logger -- most of the gear channels are available in the template "M1 Paddle Shift_0x630_Version 1"):

Gear Ratio

Gear Estimate Ratio

Gear Estimate

Gear Level Force Sensor (this is sent in the main M1 template

Looking at the logged data, what force do you see on the "Gear Lever Force Sensor" channel? This should give you a clue as to what to set the "Gear Lever Force Threshold Up and Down to. This is the force value that will trigger the shift event and request rev-matching.

See the Help for "Gear Shift" and "Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit"

For manually controlled shifting, I just enable "Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit Mode" and set the fuel and ignition cut ranges (each 100 for my car, the fuel margin is 50).

Now drive the car and you should feel the rev limit kick in when upshifting. When downshifting - stabbing the accelerator pedal should result in the engine only speeding up to match the revs required for the next gear. If you log the channel "Engine Speed Limit", and overlay that with "Engine Speed" data, you can see the rev-limit kick-in when you are shifting.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the response. I'm using an h pattern with faceplated gears. I have assigned 2 wheel speed sensors using digital inputs on a rwd application. One on the front wheel and one on the rear. The package is a gpr package. Again thanks for all the info. It certainly does help.

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