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tarnsmission control

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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İ can control with motec m150 mercedes 9 speed mct gearbox or Bmw 7 speed DTC ?

Only if the firmware package you are using on the M150 has the support. The GP packages do not have any specific support for these.

Do you have any details about the TCU / ECU interaction with these gearboxes? If so, it is possible that custom firmware could be developed.

hi david i have gpr package i don't know any detail about tcu/ecu interaction with these gearboxes.but i make some phone call today with my ecu dealer and he said to me they almost build one firmware for bmw dct but they exit the project since they need car with this trasmission to be able to log for canbus control . There is a company which can control the dct with their own softwhare but they cannot control smooth like oem. maxxecu can control dct via canbus but i already bought motec m150 gpr.İf someone can create a custom firmware for me so i can control the dct or 9speed mct with canbus , that would be great .

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