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Throttle learning problem

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trying to figure out, why the car does not rev any higher than 2000 rpm and throttle repsonse is very bad i thing the throttle calibration of the base file i got is bad. So i am just trying to learn the low and high position for the throtllebody as described in the tutorial, but running into the issue i am not seeing the needed functions "Throttle Servo Position Bank 1 Main Offset" and "Throttle Servo Position Bank 1 Main Scale" that are descibed in the tutorial to be used with the Q-function. Pedal calibration worked, but i am stuck at the throttle calibration because of the missing functions.

Any hints where to look?

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If you have selected an option other than Manual in the Throttle Servo Calibration drop down then some parameters such as Throttle Servo Bank 1 Position Sensor Main Offset and Throttle Servo Bank 1 Position Sensor Main Scale will not be adjustable as they are defined by the selected calibration.

The part number you have selected is for the OEM throttle from an MY2008 Viper.

If the engine wont rev past 2000 rpm this could be caused by lots of things. Are you able to upload log data showing this?

As Scott covered, the predefined calibrations have pre calibration position sensor settings.

Changing from a predefined calibration to 'manual' will keep the control and position settings from the predefined calibration that was previously selected, but give you access to all the settings to modify them.

2000rpm in most firmware is the default engine speed limit for a detected throttle servo fault.

The throttle servo bank 1 diagnostic, or throttle servo bank 1 main/tracking diagnostics would likely shed some more light on what is going on.

Also, You do not have the calibrations loaded into M1 Tune correctly. The yellow circle with the exclamation mark signifies that the selected calibration has an issue. Go to Help | Check for Updates... in M1 Tune when you are connected to the internet with the laptop, and allow for M1 Tune to update the available calibrations.

Thanks for your answers, i will be at the car in the next days and give it a try. And yes, its a Viper throttlebody. If i dont get it to work like this i will post a log.

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