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Traction control vs Volumetric efficiency

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Can you explain me why if the volumetric efficiency is not accurate will the TC not work as he have to.

If for example i have a VE 2 times higher than normal, how the TC will work ?

Thank you

I don't understand your question. How do you know your VE is two times higher than normal?

What package are you using? (GPR, Nissan GT-R, or something else)?

Critical for Traction Control is to make sure the Wheel Speed configuration / calibration is correct. You should be able to log the wheelspeed data and make sure driven and non-driven wheels agree on the speed when the tires aren't slipping.

You may want to use MoTeC's support forum to get help with your calibration.

VE has no bearing on the operation of the Traction Control system in the M1, the system uses the difference in speed between the driven and ground wheels to apply a ignition and/or fuel cut to the engine, with compensation for lateral load if required.

If your VE number is out, then there are more pressing issues to be resolved before dealing with the TC system.

Ok thank you.

I wondering about this because into the M1 tutorial Andre talk about VE and TC.

That's clear now .

@Miyagi, can you link to that module in the course please? I don't recall that traction control was discussed in the course since it's an advanced topic.

If you're seeing VE numbers that are exceptionally high you should review your engine, fuel, and injector settings and ensure these are all 100% correct.

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