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Trouble with K20 cam sensors and M150

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Not sure if this is a wiring question or a motec question, but I have a K20 engine with OEM cam sensors, that I believe I have wired up correctly (0V, Sig, 5V looking into the connector, tabs up). It outputs a square wave, but only from .9-1V and no other wiring configuration does any better. I tried using 12V, but that just increases the wave from .9 to 1.3 which is still not the 0-5V I would be expecting.

Not sure where to go next to troubleshoot this, maybe see if I can get another set of sensors from another engine to work and see if that is better?

Does anyone have the correct pinouts for a 2012 Civic SI Crank sensor or a 2010 Civic SI cam sensor to make sure I have them connected right? Is it possible these are actually magnetic sensors with 3 wires?


Do you have "Engine Synchronisation Pin Pullup Control set to "On". I have used both an M150 and M130 on K20 engines, and both have that set.

I don't have any wiring details on either of those cars available now.