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UDIG Input

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I only have UDIG 7 left for a input. I want to see oil pressure. My issue is when I try to set the input I only have UDIG hybrids for input not a option for just UDIG. Is it possible to make this work for a 0-5v sensor?

Hi Connor,

The UDig inputs are not designed for use with an analog sensor like your Oil Pressure sensor. The UDig Hybrids allow for a Frequency (Hybrid A) or Pulse Width (Hybrid B) signal to be input and translated by the M1, an example of this is the Fuel Composition Sensors where the Composition signal uses Hybrid A and the Fuel Temp signal uses Hybrid B.

Do you have any other MoTeC devices in the vehicle?

Ok that was what I was thinking. No other motec items. I was going to have AFR thru can with the AEM NET sensor but my vehicle is on a 250kbs can and that wouldn’t work. AFR then had to take the input I had oil pressure on. Left me with just UDIG7.

Thank you

Hi Connor,

You cannot change the baud rate on the AEM sensor? Or it doesn't go that low?

I assume it cannot be changed from 500. I’ll look into that

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