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Any one can explain why my VE table look like this !!! (see the attachment)

Look at 2000 Cell the number going higher I don't why....!?

Without an attachment, no one will be able to explain. Are you sure all sensor readings are accurate, and injector characterization is correct?

I already uploaded the photo but I don't know why it's not shown!

Anyway, I uploaded the image again.

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If that was set with accurate Lambda readings, then the reason you have a wave at a certain engine speed is because of interactions with the intake and exhaust pulses.

It could be that you have significant overlap with your cams and the lambda reading is unusually lean, but because you've corrected to your target lambda you are now supplying a lot of fuel. Sometimes you just have to make the target lambda leaner to reflect the conditions.

When you are running on your dyno, an interesting experiment would be to change the target lambda while holding the dyno at 2000. When does it make the best power -- Lamba 1.03, 1.0, .95, .92, .88?

Also, try changing your ignition at that point, sometimes too retarded results in incomplete ignition, so the Lambda reads low, and you will overcompensate by adding fuel (increasing the VE value). See what happens to the lambda value (and torque) while you change the ignition timing.

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