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Very high efficiency numbers

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i am tuning a car on a m150 gpr motec ecu and I'm facing an issue that the car has efficiency numbers on 2 bar of boost my efficiency numbers are around 190 and the closed loop system is pushing 15 more % to help me achieve my target lambda, my issue is that i am still at 50% inj duty cycle

what could be the issue?

i have already checked that all sensors are reading properly and that there are no fuel trims

car runs a set of 2000cc fid injectors

If there are no fuel trims, I fail to see what the problem is. You've properly scaled the efficiency to represent how much air is present at that boost level.

What engine are you working on? 50 percent duty cycle on 2000 cc injectors yields about 500+ hp on 4 cylinder engine and 700+ hp on 6 cylinder engine.


Have a look in M1 Tune at the Monitor | Complete Fuel Calculations worksheet and see if any of the numbers in there do not look correct.

Make sure that the Fuel Pressure Default value is set correctly if you do not have a Fuel Pressure Sensor installed.

Make sure that the correct Fuel Temperature Default value is set if you do not have a Fuel Temperature Sensor installed.

Do you have the correct Injector Calibration installed?


i am running 2000cc fuel injector development and i have set the same for injector calibration, regarding the fuel pressure sensor i also have a correct reading as for fuel temperature im not running that and it is set default as 70 degrees

What is the actual Fuel Temperature that the engine is seeing? The Default Fuel Temperature number can have a large effect on the tuning if it is incorrect.

Guys i have fixed all the sensors and everything is reading perfectly fine except that i have 12x numbers on cruising and 160+ Numbers on full throttle howcome the duty cycle is still bellow 60%!!

How about sharing some more information about the engine (or share a log file) if you really want help.

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