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what happened with closed loop? m130 hayabusa application

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For some reason, closed loop compensation seemed to just "quit" for a period of time shortly before 4k rpm and continued to do so for a short period, and then seemed to "come back in". I had to decrease the throttle as it was in danger of fouling the plugs as it was at 10.1 AFR, nowhere near boost yet, more so around 100kpa. Am still learning and this was the first real ride around the block, was planning to use the trims to adjust fueling. Log file is like 64mb so I cannot post for DL but screenshot here. I can zoom in with another or add a channel if you suspect something went awry and we can look again. Fuel volume compensation trim of 0% makes no sense either neither does the fact that it could have been that close in tune without the closed loop. I do notice the TPS nearing or over 10% TPS when incident occured and I have not adjusted above 10% manually. Incident occurs around 5:40 thru 7:30.

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You need to look at and log "fuel closed loop control bank #". It likely past the trim limits and therefore shifting to open loop.

The fuel volume compensation is specifically for fuel comps. Not closed loop trim.

Good luck.

Chris, thank you, I found the value you noted in m1 tune and the text is red and nothing at all was logged in that. Going through the m1 manual doesn't seem to talk about closed loop that much.

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Using the MoTeC I2 Software, you can export only portion of the logged data file that shows the problem. I usually select an area and zoom in, then use File->Export Data..., with "Current Range (Data)" and Output File Format "MoTeC Log File".

Ideally, the channels "Fuel Closed Loop State" and "Fuel Closed Loop Diagnostic", would be logged as these will tell you directly what is causing the closed loop fueling to become disabled.

Just guessing, but normally closed loop is disabled following an ignition or fuel cut (ie, gear shift, or engine overrun), or if there is an error with the sensor (i.e. too cold).