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Yaw channel assignment M150 & GPA

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I am using an M150 with GPA package and have purchased an izze racing IMU.

It's CAN based, and I can assign the acceleration channels to the Vehicle Accelerations in tune, but I can't find anywhere to assign the yaw channels.

Is there a way to feed these values into the ecu for logging? I could use a random unassigned channel I suppose, but that's not ideal.

This is the type of support that the build license is designed for. I have added support in my firmware packages for the IZZE IMU. Contact me if you would like to upgrade to a development/build license, and I could supply a package with this support.

The other option Shane would be to add a dash to your installation and log the IMU channels into that. Of course if you actually want to do anything useful with yaw rate data then a development licence and appropriate firmware is the real answer.

Thanks guys, I saw your response on the motec forum as well after I had posted the question here David - custom package or development license probably wont happen :(

I just replied on the motec forum - but think I have a clear idea on the answer now... the short answer is no haha. Should have probably looked at this before getting the sensor. I finally realise why most setups use the dash for logging, rather than the ecu.

My reply on the motec forum.


Unfortunately, there's no custom packaging on the horizon for the car. But I think I am figuring out why most set ups log with the dash, rather than the ecu.... Not much of a problem when I have a dev license.


It is possible to bring these in using the Vehicle Acceleration channels, and using the CAN inputs in the Sensor Resource allocation. This however means that all of the other CAN Sensor resources have to be addressed sequential to the 0x4EC message ID that IZZE uses for the base CAN address on these sensors.

^ Yeah, not going to lie - that went right over the top of my head.

Yaw is on 0x4EC and Accel on 0x4ED for the IMU, so I can use the Acceleration channels for yaw (0x4EC), but would this mean I wouldn't be able to use them for the acceleration data?

quick look at tune and dash software to remember how CAN "works"....

The ecu receive can only be set 1 of the 3 CAN buses, with the base ID either set to 0x4EC or whatever. Mine is current set to 0x0500....

I think I can use the C125 as a "translator" to get the IZZE data onto one base ID.... but this still leaves with only 3 acceleration channels on the ECU software, and no where to put the other 3 bits of data.

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So my question was mainly caused because I was using an older version of the GPA package (v2), the v3 version has the yaw, pitch and roll channels I was looking for.

Stephen give a detailed how to that'll i'll try this weekend on the motec forum thread.

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