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1,8T VAG E-Throttle idle to high

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i have started my Engine for the first time with the maxxecu race.

1,8t VAG engine with the DBW throttle (audi s3).

Its idling about 2500 u/min at 10° locked ign angle (marks on the pully are matching at 84° btdc offset)

There is a very small gab at the throttleblade at 0% TPS. (OKAY?)

There are no vacuum leaks. Map is around -0,55 Bar and VE is at 45%.

i used the ignition table from the base map , if i unlock the ign agle the engine revs up over 3000u/min at 35° btdc

i dont know where i need to serch for the issue.



have you verified the ignition timing with a light. What you describe is typical if the ignition is advanced too far. Also when calibrating the DBW throttle body, sometimes you need to close the throttle plate by hand (with the motor power off), to measure the 0% position.

What is the indicated throttle position at idle? Usually 3-4% is typical, perhaps your idle control needs tuning to set the target throttle position.

Just to clarify, this was an engine that was perfectly fine and ALL you've done is convert it to the Max'? Or is this a fresh build?

That's quite a bit of air entering, even with the timing potentially advanced - David is right on the money that all too often people miss that first check, that the UCU has TDC aligned with the physical TDC of the engine.

What processes did you use to check for a vacuum leak? It's all too easy to miss a line, cut a line, or even for a faulty brake servo/booster to allow air to enter the engine.

What camshafts are you using, as that vacuum seems rather low for such a fast 'idle', further suggesting - but not proving - a vacuum leak, but a lot of duration/overlap can have the same affect?

Thank you both for your help. It was like David said. I had to close the throttle plate by hand and get the current value. Now it idles nice.

Thank you


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