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I am using ecumaster black in jzx110 1JZGTE VVTI (ETCS-i). Hesitant about the knock sensors setup in ecumaster as this is my first approach. I am currently sitting at a knock frequency of 6.94 KHz, gain of 0.118, and integrator of 160us (software suggested a value between 100-200). Now, by default knock sensor - engine noise is set at 1.96 volt and I haven't changed it. With these settings, engine knock voltage remains below 1.96 at idle, but high rev produces knock(which means sensor voltage goes above 1.96 volt). I need to know if the parameters mentioned are accurate and if not then what should be the designated settings of knock sensor setup in ecumaster black for 1JZGTE VVTI OEM knock sensors.

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The engine noise threshold will need to be adjusted relative to engine rpm (and possibly load) so that the ECU can correctly identify knock. In simple terms the background mechanical noise is simply higher at high rpm than it is at idle and that's what you need to account for. The only way I can recommend setting the knock control is by using audio knock detection equipment to validate if/when knock is occurring and then ensuring the ECU is correctly identifying this knock. To be clear, there's no settings that I can give you which I could guarantee will be correct for your specific engine/application.

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