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Abnormally high VE values.

Practical Standalone Tuning

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For some reason my car will idle at 200% VE...(not 20, not 50... double checked 185-210%) Anything lower then that it will stall. What did i miss?

Using Ecumaster Black so Injector dead times are choosen from the list.

Saab B204 engine, ID1000 injectors, COP BMW, DBW BMW, batch injection as no cam sensor, 45mm WG, GT3582r

Ignition is 1-4, 2-3, 1-4, 2-3

Trigger angle checked with ignition light, spot on.

Any ideas?

Have Log saved and map if needed.


High values was caused by wrong Warmup Enrichment values.

In Ecumaster Black

100% - corresponds to 0 enrichment

50% - to -50% enrichement

150% - to +50% enrichment

Thank You Frank @ Elegant Drift Shop for help!

With Ecumaster the Injector wizard is only for the dead times/characteristics. You still need to set the injector size in CC's.

What is that set to?

Post up the map file so we can take a look, as I'm not confident the injector size is the issue but its an easy mistake I've made in the past that prevented the car from behaving...

1000cc set for sure

Two files in one (wasnt sure if dropbox worked), emub map, and log.


Is the engine capacity entered correctly? I have seen it one M1's where the unit used is Litres but the capacity has been entered as the CC value, so instead of calculating for a 1.998L engine, it is calculating the fuelling for a 1998L engine

2000cc (cubic centimeters) - checked, its correct

Just checked your log and tune.

Warmup enrichment table is set between 80 and 20%. The way it works in the ECUMaster Software, 100% is "No enrichment". Anything lower than 100% is pulling out fuel of the equation. Which means that right now at 70 degree C, your injector is firing 20% of what you set in your VE table.

As a starting point, set this table to around 120% at low temps and 100% at normal operating temps and it should be better!

Sorry for late reply, and thanks for Your time.

I did realize that something is wrong with injection, even swapped injectors, fpr, and pump as i thought it maybe a lack of fuel.

I see that map now, and i dont know how i missed that. Thank You very much i will adjust it as soon as possible and be back with results.

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