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Acceleration Enrichment not clear at all!

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I have an extremely big but extremely stupid dilemma that I can't solve.

(I state that I used the question mark for the description of the functions and read the emublack manual without reaching the conclusion)

I can't understand how the acceleration enrichments work on the Ecumaster.

(I attach a photo for greater clarity).


acc. dTPS rate

acc. TPS factor

do these two work together?


The percentage of enrichment based on what? What do 0-100-200% equal?


% update interval

dTps % update interval

what is the difference between these two and how do i see it on my car?


acc. sustained rate

acc enrichment limit

thanks to all who will offer to make me understand this lesson.

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Just in case you haven't seen the help file, here's a screenshot. The formula used for the acceleration enrichment is at the top of the picture.

1) Yes, they work together.

2) It's mostly based on how quick you open the TPS. Which is the dTPS rate value in ECU Master lingo. The rest is correction factor and for those 100% means no correction (like CLT Factor, TPS Factor, RPM Factor).

3) I'm not sure I understand your question.

4) Acc sustained rate is how long the enrichment last. Acc enrichment limit is how much the ECU is allowed to enrich.

The rule of thumbs :

-You'll need to have a properly tuned VE table before touching anything related to acc enrichment.

-When the engine is cold, you need more acc enrichment than when the engine is warm. (CLT Factor table)

-When the engine is at high RPM, you need less acc enrichment. (RPM Factor table)

-When the throttle is already opened, you need less acc enrichment. (TPS Factor table)

Right now, you'll need to bump your enrichment limit. I wouldn't touch the TPS and RPM Factor tables. Then you'll need to adjust your dTPS Rate table when the engine is warm. Once everything is working properly, you let the engine cool down and adjust the CLT Factor table to have a good enrichment when the engine is cold.

TPS Rate (dTPS) and Acc Enrichment parameters can be logged in the graph which helps dialing the enrichment.

There are a couple of webinars that talk about acc. enrichment, I don't think there is one on the ECU Master, but the principles are the same.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate!


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