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How will adding a propane system effect the AFR and timing on a diesel Engine

Propane kit

Also any tips on safety measures

Im adding automatic shut off valve

The hose has been replaced with steel braided

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Sorry, we haven't had anything to do with propane injection on diesel engines so I can't offer any advice here.

Adding propane to the air fuel mix on a diesel typically requires a small reduction in diesel injection. The benefits of propane on a diesel engine is that the propane encourages extra burn of the air fuel mix so the diesel is more efficiently used. That, along with a small reduction of diesel being injected, means the engine is pumping out less Hydrocarbons while producing the same power.

I, personally, am not convinced the benefit gained outweighs the added complexity (2 different fuel systems to maintain) and the fact you must always have enough propane available. If you run out of propane you will be running your diesel lean and under high load conditions this is not a good thing.