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AEM EMS starter kickback issue

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Hi guys im fairly new to not only this site but also to efi tuning, here is my problem. Im currently running a obd1 chipped P28 ecu with a hondata s300 board in it on my 2002 honda accord using a obd2a to obd1 jumper harness. the engine setup is a F23a1 block with K20Z pistons and an H22 head with skunk 2 intake manifold and 70mm TB as well as skunk 2 tuner stage 2 vtec cams w/ alpha springs titanium retainers stock injectors but a high flow rail and ADJ FPR and walbro pump aem uego wideband. ive tuned the hondata and it runs great, i recently purchased a AEM EMS series 2 plug n play ecu to replace the hondata and eliminate the need for a jumper harness, i loaded one of the base maps that were included with the AEM software but when i go to start the car i get starter kick back really badly and it wont start. i googled it and its a common problem but havent found a good fix for the issue. i plan to install a gt35r turbo and tune with E85 which is why im wanting to switch ecu's. any help would be greatly appreciated.



99% confident the problem is you have too much timing advance.

Did you check that you have the correct crank tooth and pickup details correct in the software, and the engine TDC and ECU TDC points were syncronised?

Ive barely scratched the surface of the software so I'm not entirely sure how to do that.

It should be in your documentation, as it's the first check I would expect to be made, after wiring, or others can clarify it better than I for you.

The basic process is to set the ignition timing to zero in the software - there may be an test or set-up option - then crank it with the sparkplugs out and see if it matched the engine's TDC pointer when illuminated by the timing light. It's unlikely they actually match and you will need to advance or, I expect, retard it in the software to get them to align. That sets the correct TDC reference point for the ECU to work with.

Ah, this may help - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffRWjjb5k-4

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