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AEM Infinity Issues on 2zz-ge Engine

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I'm currently setting up my Celica with the AEM Infinity (506) and I've been having issues with it ever since. I've been tuning cars for more than 10 years so standalone's are common to me, although this is the first time working on a Infinity, but VE based ECUs are not new. Now, making this engine turn on has been a nightmare. I've eventually got it to sync and turn on by going with the universal 36-2 Mag Cam and Crank, but using Crank Missing Tooth and Crank Extra Tooth values that don't make much sense (am using 1.5 and 4.0 respectively). I've talked to AEM and they've said that it should be the default 1.5 and 2.0, but those settings don't even come close to syncing. This is a red flag from the start for me. When the car does turn on in order to even get it to idle I have to use values of over 110 VE for it to idle. The Lambda1 readings are very erratic (Jumps from 14.0 to 27.3) and I've checked the wiring on the AEM Bosch 4.2 sensor to the AEM various times and everything looks good. I'm also using the preset injector setup for Toyota 2GR injectors which are 350cc since the 2zzge stock injectors are 330ccs and both Toyota.

I don't know if my problem is a injector characterization issue or wideband issue. Althought I do get a 100% sync during start up sometimes while cranking I will get pops and bangs sounding like an out of time engine, but once it turns on I don't have any timing errors. I think the misfires I get may be the Infinity not correctly injecting necessary fuel when cranking (just a thought). The other odd issue is that when the engine is running and I try to rev it won't go past 4000rpm and sounds like it's hitting a limiter, but I've check the limiters, 2-step, 3-step, and launch settings and there is nothing that could be mistakenly limiting my revs.

Additional information: Both cam and crank sensor have been replaced, timing wheel on the engine is good conditions, engine timing is properly set mechanically.

I really don't know what am missing honestly. Sorry for the long post. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

I went ahead and did some more logging trying to find a culprit. I deactivated the injectors and coils and logged the cranking. I had a constant sync for the duration of the test and just a single CrankError when I started cranking. This leads me to believe that the cranking errors I saw were due do the engine misfiring when trying to start. I also checked the UEGO_Diag_Error, UEGO_Diag, UEGO_Heater_Duty and UEGO_RI_Calc channels with no errors and normal values being received from the sensor.

Based on the data I believe it comes down to the injector characterization. I'm sourcing some ID1000's to test. I'm also replacing the spark plugs as they don't look good at all.

Yeah when you need a really high VE table value at low load it's usually a sign of fuel pressure problems, bad injector characterization, or a compensation table not set up right.

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