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I have done a fair bit of research and reading up on various types of dynos ranging from; Inertia, Eddy Current, Chasis, Hub, single & twin retarder ranging from many different makes and models.

From what I've gathered they roughly vary from:

15-20k for a older model 2nd hand

25-30k for a relatively newer 2nd hand model

35-80k+ for a new basic to fully optioned dyno depending on obviously if it's 2WD/4WD chasis or Hub and so on

I have gone with the option of converting an old 2WD chasis dyno.

There are many reasons why i have chosen to go down this path but one in particular is obviously the cost and satisfying my curiosity.

Now let's say you've decided to buy a dyno but aren't sure what you're looking for here are some things to consider.

1- What will be your primary use, 2WD or 4WD

2- Power output, Drag cars or mainly street cars, drift/circuit racing and so on.

Depending on the industry you're targeting the costs can vary drastically as stated above.

I have chosen to get into drift industry and street cars so a 2WD single retarder chasis dyno is perfect for me for the time being.

I have purchased a 2nd hand 2WD chasis dyno built by DDB Engineering in the 80s for around 7k AUD. (bargain price)

Some of you might be thinking, really? a old analog dyno from the 80s? what can you do with that?

Well the short answer is a lot.

Companies like Mainline or Dyno Dynamics can convert almost any dyno to run their software and hardware.

I have made some inquires and I have been given a rough quote of 20k+ for a 19" screen a basic computer to run all the software and accompanied hardware to control the retarder.

With some digging around I have located a place in Melbourne that has created a fully closed loop system that is completely customizable by the end user.

The unit controls the retarder and can be adapted to almost any chasis dyno at a very reasonable and affordable price.

The Dyno isn't complete as of yet, but i estimate it to be done withing the next 4-5 weeks.

Current estimated costs should be within the 13-14k mark and that's fully optioned and up and running.

For more in depth info on the DIY units check out

Hope this info helps someone out, cheers

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Make sure you keep us up to date with your progress once you're up and running!

I use dynertia 3 on my vane dyno and im very pleased with it. i didn't need much support but when i did they were very helpfull. And i noted a minor bug and the following day i had a new update to install with a fix. It is pretty big bang for buck IMO

I've been watching a youtube channel for a couple of years now where the guy rebuilt a Vane VP-950 and installed Dynertia. He has since been fitting the closed loop additions. If I could get hold of a Vane VP-950 or Vane 4000 for a decent price and fit a Dynertia3 closed loop system I'd be as happy as a pig in mud. The other option is build a dyno myself.


DTEC released the full closed loop brake dyno kit the other day.

Here's a youtube channel that has documented a Vane 950 rebuild and Dynertia3 fitting and adjustment