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AIT Correction -- Haltech Elite 2500 -- Webinar 074

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I've watched the portion of this webinar dealing with manual AIT correction (un-ticking box for Auto VE Air Temp Compensation), where he compares the Fuel Tab AIT Correction vs. the Lambda AIT Correction and my head is spinning.

I understand the fundamentals of AIT correction but get lost when choosing between tables and what's doing what at higher boost and higher temps (>60 C Inlet Temp.) where you want to add more fuel to combat possible knock.

I'm planning on tuning for closed loop, manual AIT, VE Based, AIT correction.

Can anyone please help me understand the interplay between the two AIT tables--I'm fearful I'm duplicating compensation.


Rich Laws

Akron, OH -- USA

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