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Alpha N Idle Control for R32 GTR on an EMU Black

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi All,

I've recently bought a R32 GTR and I've got an ECU Master Black to control the car, I've got a couple of questions.

1. How do you get a car on ITB (Alpha N + Map Multiplication) to idle nicely and how should you configure your idle tables on the ECU Master Black?

2. Does anyone have a base map on here for an R32 GTR on the ECU Master EMU Black still with ITBS and HKS Low Lift 272 Cams, I plan on adding some correction myself and adjusting the lambda targets slightly higher to help with the idle but just a bit unsure about how to best map it when we need to use TPS as the main load table for idle.

3. Off topic but any suggestions on how to run a flex fuel setup on the GTR factory hard lines and any ideas about the rough flow/power level the factory hard lines can support.

I am still learning lots so sorry if these are dumb questions, I want to have as much knowledge as I can before I tackle getting the car running on the new ECU!

Seems like the Emtron standalone course might have exactly what I am looking for!

Still curious about questions number 3 though :)

Here is a base map that was sent for me for a stock R32 GTR with Alpha N

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This was the fitting's I've seen recommended somewhere else, I've yet to try them, they fit onto the OE hard lines and allow AN fittings

I don't know the availability of Vibrant Performance part in Australia, but to convert from tube to AN fitting I use their compression fittings, I never had a leak.


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