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I'm tuning a 4 speed automatic and the highest gear that won't downshift is 2nd.

Do I have to accept the wheel spin that will come from this or is there something els that can be done?

What engine and what transmission? Is it a computer controlled transmission that you can adjust?

Honda d15 with what I believe is a m24a transmission. It’s a bit of both. It’s controlled via cable link and lock up from the ecu.

So the ECU only controls the lock up solenoid and not the shift schedule? If the shifting is all mechanical then there isn't an easy solution to hold gear.

I would say your other option is to go to a hub dyno like a dynapack where wheelspin isn't a concern.

Thanks for the reply.

Automatic transmissions can be tricky on some cars. If you can run the car in 2nd without wheel spin then you may be able to progress like this. The other option I've used that's less than ideal is to nurse the engine through the rev range in 3rd or 4th gear at moderate throttle until the point where I can apply full throttle without the transmission kicking down.

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