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AWD on 2WD Dyno

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi guys,

I have been trying to search a firmed answer on this. The question is can AWD or Evo to be specific be tuned on a 2wd dyno? There quite a number of cars in my area is tuning their Evo by removing the longshaft (at least that's what i was told) so it can be tuned on a 2wd dyno as 4wd dyno are little to none in my area. The purpose is to just get the tuning right and not to really bother on hp numbers. Although, some of them are making >1000hp and been doing

So long as you're using it for comparative data analysis/tuning session on the same dyno and doesn't throw odd DTCs you'll be fine. I've been doing it somewhat regularly with a couple older Subaru's lately.

so how have u been doing it? just remove the longshaft? anything else to be done aside from that?

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