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Base ignition timing

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I have a turbo civic single cam do I use factory base ignition timing?

What are you tuning it with? what fuel are you using? what turbo? we need a full mod list.

Hi sorry I’m new to the website and I thought I subscribed couldn’t find my post. I’m tuning with smanager hondata s300 I can’t find base ignition timing setup on smanager? I’m turning with pump gas 60psi fuel ,skunk2 cam 1.6zc engine r/c1000cc injectors ,eBay gt35 turbo,

my question is what do I compare my time to on the smanager software?

I think you are looking for the Set Ignition Timing command -- should be in the Smanager menu somewhere. Look under commands on the help webpage:

The ignition maps are found on the table window (look for Table Window on the page above), one for low speed and one for high speed.