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Base Injector pulsewidth

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In the Video it is told that initially we can set pulsewidth 30% of base injector pulsewidth, but what is that base injector pulsewidth? since in DTA we have to enter the pulsewidth and not the percentage of base pulsewidth.

Hi Guru,

Im guessing you have been watching the Link video. Their time based fuel map works as you have suggested. You are inputting a percentage of the master pulse width into the table. i.e 30% would give you 3ms (loosely speaking) if the master pulse width was 10.

Ive not used a DTA, however the ECU i use is the same from what you have said, in the table you are inputting the actual ms, you dont set a master and populate the cell with a percentage.

Its hard to say exactly what pulse width you should start with, your injector choice, engine, fuel pressure etc will all effect this. It could be 4ms, it could be 1ms for example.

Maybe provide some injector info and more about the engine and someone on here may be able to advise.

Hi Guru, as Rob has said, this is just a difference between ECUs. While the Link uses a percentage of the master pulse width, many ECUs directly command a pulse width. The correct pulse width will vary based on your engine and injector size. I would simply start with an arbitrary value of 2.00 ms and see if you can get the engine to idle and then tune from there. You're likely to be too rich or too lean but it's very fast and easy to correct these errors.

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