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good day. i think i remember in one of your modules your said to start tuning with a low Boost then gradually increase and tune to suit boost level i want to reach (fuel and timing) before doing the courses i always thought it would be easing to start with a rich AFR and retard timing and the boost i want to run. that way when i am tuning (on the road) i will only have to adjust mainly timing to suit the boost i want to run. ( i am reflashing stock STI). is this method also good enough or is it best to do it your way? i am thinking since i already have a factory map all i need to do is set the boost i want to run retard the timing, log and look for knock and gradually advance timing until i see knock.

When you're reflashing a factory ECU you have the advantage of starting with a factory calibration that is likely to be pretty close to the mark, particularly if you aren't making dramatic modifications. On that basis I'd suggest logging some full power pulls through a gear and analyse that data. This will then show you what needs to be done in terms of your fuelling and ignition timing. In this regard reflashing a stock ECU is actually a lot easier than starting from scratch with a standalone.

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