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where do i get a base map file for bmw m50or m52 engine ? on link g4+ storm before entering the configuration or any step

From what I found MAPECU is the only system that has basemaps online for the M50, why dont you download it and the base map, load it up and enter the values into the link software. This will give you somewhere to start. Whilst the ignition table will be able to copy straight across I have no idea if the fuel tuning method is the same for both ECU's.

M50 base maps are found in MAPECU2 base maps

There may not be a base map available, however I have found that it might be worth asking Link directly if they have any information that will get you started in the right direction.

An ignition map from another ECUs base map will likely be a good start, but the fuel settings will depend on your injector size and also whether you choose to use the traditional or modelled fuel equation. If you have the required sensors and injector data (deadtimes, accurate CC rating and pressure, fuel presssure sensor) I would reccomend modelled fuel as being a much nicer option to work with.