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Base session, ignition tables, supercharged.

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I was looking at the video that was made by Andre in the practical standalone tuning for the Infinity.

He sets the ignition table to 15 degrees for safety for tuning purpose. I understand this but I was wondering if you always have to do this, wouldn't it be easier to take the base session table (available for my S2000) and for example retard entire map with 5-10 degrees?

Or would you guys still recommend going with the 15 degrees till the VE table is configured?

I will be tuning on the road.

Another question about this, is there a rule of thumb how much ignition degrees should get retarded per xx kPA?

Since I am going from NA to supercharged.

If you have an ignition table shape for the engine, by all means use that. Especially if road tuning, I would just take 5 or 6 degrees from the whole table and make sure there wasn't any knock, once the fueling is good, start adding back the timing.

But if you don't have a stock map (you are really configuring from scratch) it's OK to use use a single value for the whole table you intend to tune anyway. I would not recommend this approach unless you will be using a dyno to tune the ignition.

Thanks, have done so and will be looking forward to adding the timing again but have to wait for my Link knock block to arrive.

Can anyone tell me what a safe retard per 20 boost kPa is?




seems a "rule of thumb" is about 1 deg per psi of boost

however like Andre always says - verify with audio knock monitor - as the side effects - ummm - you don't want them to occur :)

on my old gtir - this 1deg per psi was very effective when i extended the load scale out to about 1.4 bar

I do not say it will work for your combination tho...

Thanks for the reply cbDrift.

Have read other forums but to me this forum seems to have more professional/experienced tuners on here rather than people that heared somebody say something years ago. So that is why I've asked here to make sure. I also saw the base maps and so on in the modules.

Been using the Link G4 the last couple days but have lots of issues as I am unable to hear knock above my engine noise. (Honda S2000 revving to 9000 RPM).

Seemed as if I was experiencing knock at 40-100 kpa between 2000-2500 rpm with just 10 degrees of ignition advance. So I have to move the sensor to a different spot, but there are almost no places to mount :(

yeah - i have a k20a and its "noisy" as well - i ended up replacing the factory knock sensor with a bosch one so the haltech would "see" a better signal - but its only useful till vtec kicks in then it just floods the spectrum analyser display in solid red - i have a separate audio knock monitor (tunernerd knock monitor) and use that instead - its a pity there is no gain control available on the knock sensor inputs for the haltech ecu - that would be useful i feel

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