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Bmw M5 F10 dyno power run

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Hello sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m in the process of learning to use a new Dynomite 2wd hub dyno, I’m totally new to dyno work but I’m trying to learn fast. I’m trying to dyno run a Bmw f10 M5 but due to the stability control it won’t let me run M2 mode (full power), the M2 power light comes on the flashes and goes off. I’ve tried disconnecting a wheel sensor, taking the power away from the control unit but it’s still the same. Does anyone know of a mode I can set it in to leave it in full power?



I don't know the specifics of that platform but a lot of those BMW and other German vehicles need to run on 4wd dynos to not throw codes or go into some kind of torque reduction.

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