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Breaking in a New Engine

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I have a fresh engine that I built and will be running AEM Infinity. I had planned to have my tuner do the break in on the dyno as the HPA course recommends. When I brought this up to the tuner he said that he usually does remote tuning to load a base map in the car, then I would street drive the car lightly to check for any issues before brining the car to him for the full tune on the dyno. Would you recommend this or should I tow the car and have him fire it up for the first time? This is my first build, so I’m not quite sure what the norm is for actually getting the car to the tuner on a fresh build and troubleshooting problems before the tune. Thanks!

The question comes down to are you willing to pay the tuner to fault find and repair any issues that arise from the new build, or do you want to do some of this yourself? The tuner may not have the time available to do this work as well.

In order to achieve most efficient piston rings breaking in the engine should be running at idle absolutely the minimum time. On the initial start up I would recommend to keep RPM not less than 2000-3000 for a few minutes to ensure no leaks present. If that is the case then you can drive the car constantly keeping the load on the engine or going directly to the dyno...

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