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Can you use a VE model with aphla N

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I'm getting my b16b which is throttle bodied NA ready for first start up. I have heard the map values will go a bit crazy as it's a cammed also.

Should I avoid using VE?

I have set the base fuel and ignition tables based of the Tps.

Using elite 1500


When you say "Throttle Bodied NA", do you mean individual throtte body? If yes, Alpha-N (TPS as load axis) is the way to go.

If it's just a normal single throttle body, I would start with Speed Density (MAP Based) and depending on the idle MAP values and idle quality, I would decide if I switch to Alpha-N. It will depend how aggressive the cam is.

Yes individual throttle bodies. I've switched to tps as load axis do I still use the ve method for my fuel map or a pulse width table?


VE would be the preferred method.

Thanks will give it a go

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