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Car Load and Wight in the Dyno

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I would like to tune 2 cars in Dyno Musting "MD-AWD-500. Mechanically linked AWD Performance Dyno"

but I don't know what is the recommended wight and load for the cars.

both are turbo cars with big single turbo. please advise.

1. GT Skyline R33 4 wheels, Turbo bulleyes S375, RB26

2. Nissan Ceferio 2 wheels, Turbo bulleyes S372, 1.5JZGTE

For GT Skyline R33, Do you sugest me to remove the 4 wheels shaft and run the car with 2wheels?


I'm sorry the Mustang dyno is not a brand that I'm familiar with so I can't advise on the specifics of running this dyno. I'm not sure if we have anyone on the forum that uses a Mustang dyno that can chime in here to help?

Sorry I can't be more assistance.

Thank you Andre for your reply.

What about GT Skyline R33 4 wheels: do you recommend me to remove the shaft for 4WD or tune the car in dyno 4WD?

I notice most of tuner didn't use dyno load. I think dyno load for drag race cars and high boost.


If you have access to a 4WD dyno then there really is little point going to the trouble of dropping the driveshaft to run in RWD. The numbers you will see on the dyno will tend to be a little lower in RWD but if you're using the dyno as a comparative tool then it's not that relevant.

While the R33 4WD system will function ok from my research with the driveshaft dropped, you do need to be careful as doing this in some models will result in damage to the centre diff.

Thank you Andre,

Actually, I notice when I run the car with 4WD it will load the engine. but I don't know the system of R33 4WD. does it work in the low speed the it will be discontinued? which will make a trouble in dyno or will broke something in the car?

Sorry I don't have much specific info on how and when the R33 will provide torque to the front wheels.

R32 R33 and R34 all work the same way -> RWD until you loose traction (speed difference between front and rear wheels) then the Attesa switch to AWD (4WD)

But sadly for you, you can safely disable this only on the R32 (by pulling a fuse)

For the R33 it's definitely recommended to drop the front shaft if you want to tune it on a 2wd dyno.

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