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Closed loop fuel control

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I will be using a Motec PLM wideband as a tool to tune my car, however I will need it for tuning other cars as well and hence cant leave it fitted in the car. Can I reliably use an Innovate LC2 wideband as a permanent fixture in the car for closed loop fuel control? I will be using Water-Methanol Injection (WMI) and would like to use closed loop for the ECU to adjust fuelling when the WMI activates.

I think you should start with what your ECU can support as far as wideband lambda controllers. For example, you couldn't use a LC2 in place of a PLM on a MoTeC hundred series ECU. But your ECU may just be calibrated for a 0-5 Volt input so the LC2 could be used.

I would still recommend you find a way to configure your ECU so that the correct fuel trim is applied when the WMI is active, and not count on closed loop for the complete fuel trim.

Thanks David, I am using a LINK Kurofune (G4+). I m not sure if it has a feature to do a fuel trim based on a trigger. I need to look into it

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