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Controlling fan using PWM

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello Everyone. I was wondering if EMU Black can control Fan relay using PWM or do I need to use PMU16 to control my fan using PWM? I remember reading that EMU black has PWM output capability

EMU Black PWM can't output that much current. You will need to use the PMU16 to drive your fan.

Could probably do it through a solid state relay

Yes that would work with a solid state relay, like a Kaizen Relay, but I assumed he had a PMU already haha.

Thank you for your quick response. I don't have PMU but I might get a SSR to operate the fan using PWM.

A Special thank you to Francis for always answering my questions on the Forum. I greatly appreciate your input!

Awwww thanks for the kind words! I’m not here all the time, but helping people is a way for me to learn new stuff at the same time!

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