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Converting Dynocom DC5000 Software

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello, I own a Dynocom DC5000 and it hasn't really worked very well for me from day one. I was one of the first customers to buy this dyno when it first came out. A lot of the basic dyno functions covered in your course have been an ordeal for me to actually do on this thing. For example in steady state the RPM will wander way off target as I add more load. I know some wander is normal but it will wander away 1000+ RPM from target. Another problem I have is that it will not hold a proper ramp rate either. Another disappointment was with the standard RPM pickup provided, which is an optical sensor on a magnetic base. It works OK on some cars but usually it is very difficult to setup and prone to vibration. I don't know why they couldn't include an inductive pickup as standard, they claim problems with EMI. I've used inductive pickup on many other dynos and never had a problem. The only help I get from tech support is, spend another $4000 to upgrade software.

Anyways enough of my rant, I was wondering if it would be possible to convert the entire data acquisition system to something like Dynomax from Land and Sea. If possible I am open to other suggestions on good controllers/data acquisition systems.

Looks like Mustang Dyne made a kit to convert to their PowerDyne software :


Wow, that looks very promising! Seems like they must get the same inquiry from people like me, so they made us a turn key kit :D

Yep the DC's really are a pile of crap. Im fairly familiar with L & S, have it on my own chassis dyno and have done a couple of upgrades for other people using their hardware and software. Unfortunately I have a little hesitation using L&S today as even though it is still very capable, the software is starting to get a bit dated and I have seen no signs of an update from them for many years. They almost went out of business when the Founder died late last year but it was saved at the last minute. Hopefully that may mean we will see progress from them again and I will start recommending them again, but it is that uncertainty that would worry me right now.

I suggest you make contact with Henning Larsen, he does lots of "Dynocom delete" upgrades so he is more familiar with what you will need - which bits can be re-used etc. https://www.facebook.com/henning.larsen.54772728

He is an agent for Sport Devices and uses their hardware/software for the upgrades. It is good software and works well.

I'll give him a shout as well and see what he offers. I really like the Mustang Power Dyne however they want 15K for the entire control system with software, I will continue to evaluate my options. Thank you for the suggestions so far!

Also, it is looking like upgrading to Dynocom's "Quantum" platform seems to be the most cost effective option. My only concern is that this may not help with some of the problems I'm having. I heard that the Quantum platform improves the PID control of the absorber over the previous platform. I was wondering if anyone here with Quantum could chime in.

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