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Cruising RPM Range and Percent in Between Cells

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I have a couple of quick questions that seem to keep nagging at me as I advance through the courses. The first one is that as you make the AFR richer as engine load increases , what percentage are the values being increased? For example, when I look at the Target AFR map for lets say a F/I engine, when we get above atmospheric which I would have at around .95 Lambda how much do I increase each cell above 100 kpa until I hit my full boost target of .80 Lambda? I want to make sure the increase in fuel is nice and smooth.

The second question which is related to the first, is in my training I see that cruising zone RPM ranges from 2k - 5k. Is it safe to use these as my cruising ranges? This is the one that keeps bugging me the most. I tune primarily on the Nissan VQ35DE/HR and the VQ37. Would that range work?