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Datasheet for bosch MAP sensor

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I have a Bosch map sensor (Bosch part number is 0 261 230 044) that fits on the intake manifold for a 2015 Fusion 2.5L Duratec. I am wanting to that MAP sensor for MAP and IAT with a Haltech 750 rather than the included MAP sensor in the 750 (would rather run wires through the firewall than vacuum). But, I can't find a datasheet for that part number. I can find documentation that explains the pressure values and which characteristic curve to use, but I'm not sure which to use. From cross checking other compatible MAP sensors for the 2015 Fusion it looks like FAE 15050 is a direct replacement for that sensor and it states the pressure range and the corresponding voltages for that range. There has to be a better way to figure out information on this specific sensor directly from Bosch.

i cannot find any either but most bosch map sensors use the same cal file for that particular map sensor size example 3 bar 4 bar 7 bar etc

so buy haveing a rough idea you can go thu the selection of cal files in the haltech until you find one that reads atmospheric with the engine off

you can further test by applying boost or vacuum with a air regulator and check against the pc screen

or logging

Regards Ross

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