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Hi All!

First of all sorry for my english. I'm not a native speaker ;)

I'm just curious if there will be a Tuning Course for direct injected engines?

Right now i'm planning to install a standalone ECU in a Peugeot RCZ R. It shares the same engine with Mini. It's the 1.6 litre N18 but with 272hp base (only found in the RCZR). The engine is modified (closed deck, pistons, rods, etc.)

The ECU will be a SKYNAM Meteor86. In one of your Podcasts you mentioned that brand already. The Podcast was about a Diesel Pikes Peak build.

Right now i'm planning the wiring harness. I would like to keep the original harness, so i will try to build an adapter harness. I also would like to use the OE CAN, ABS, steering and so on. I think i have to reverse engineer a lot ;) And i don't expect the car to run within the nex few months

So the simple question is, if there will be a course for direct injection.

If some of you guys have any experience tuning a direct injection engine just let me know!!

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